Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Late Start

I woke up with a weird sensation of feeling well rested. I reached over to my phone and looked at the screen. 08:12. I yanked my phone off the charger and stared at the screen, eyes wide open. I should have been on the ward at half 7 and started the ward round at 8:00. Not only had I woken up late, but even if I jumped into the car at that very moment I would still miss the whole ward-round.

I sent a frantic half-completed text to the team as I rushed around my room to get myself sorted. It reminded me of when I was in high school and there’d be at least one day a school year, I would wake up realising I had slept through the alarm, and the panicked rushing would ensue.

It was completely my fault. I will attest it to human error. I just wonder what would have happened if I was a surgeon and I had a theatre list, how much would my lateness have set the whole thing back. You’re expected to be on time, but what happens when you unintentionally fall short as we all do. The system doesn’t account for human error; it relies on everyone being at their best at all times. What do you do when you fall short? I assume it’s to be apologetic.

Which I was. I still feel really guilty though. The difference between now and high school is that then I didn’t want to have to face the repercussions of being late: a detention or ruining a perfect 100% attendance. Whereas now I’m part of a team and my lateness affects the team, which then affects patients.

*Side note: miraculously we didn’t have any patients which means no ward round.

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