Thursday, 12 January 2017


I spend the last few minutes of my day updating the list of patients for the next morning’s ward-round. I’m gradually learning what the team want on the list, now and then they make a few suggestions. I still make mistakes though and there have been times on the ward-round where we’re all awkwardly hovering around a loading computer screen to see a blood test result I should have already recorded down. It’s different registrars every day and whoever’s on needs to get a good idea of what’s going on for each patient. So, the list should be up to date and detailed.

Primarily it's my responsibility, but it would be nice if the registrars would let me know about new patients. Sometimes, when they're on call in the evening or over the weekend, they admit patients that I won't know about because I'm not there. And even though we have a base ward that they should all be admitted to, we often have patients on ICU, the medical wards or other surgical wards.

Just a small text would be appreciated. Some suggestion that there's someone else to be aware of. If I know about the patient I can find where they are and add them on. I mean I could text the last person on call every night and constantly ask ‘any new patients’. It just doesn’t seem like an efficient way to get things done.

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