Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Am I Allowed To Be Annoyed?

I’m not an angry person. Anxious maybe, but not angry. But we all have our moments and sometimes, for me, it could be the little things. That wind me up till I’m so annoyed I have a little tantrum. Not a full blown rage just a small teeny weeny strop where I get in my feelings. It doesn’t happen often. And it’s probably not over anything significant. I’m an optimistic person most of the time but I have my moments.

I was recently in a mood when my cousin called, so he caught me at a bad moment and managed to overhear me mid-strop. It was something trivial. Then he started preaching to me about all the misfortune in the world and how insignificant my issue was.  

The thing is, I already know this. I already know that bad things are happening in the world and that I’m extremely fortunate that those things aren't happening to me. I’m grateful for the life I have. I have problems, but I’m lucky to have those problems because there are worse ones to have.

But if his point is that I can never be upset about anything or that I’m not allowed to express it in the confines of my home, then I disagree. We all have issues, all of us. And to deny them would be lying. I can’t always be happy and upbeat about everything. The truth is things annoy me.

And in the moment where you’re angry about something, you’re not thinking straight because you’re having an emotional response to a situation. Then when you take a moment, your logical side takes over and you can see the situation for what it is. Inconsequential.

So, let me have a sulk for ten minutes and then get back to my senses and carry on with something else. I need that period to let out my frustration and as long as I’m not overreacting and taking it to the extreme, I don’t think that’s an issue.

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