Thursday, 19 January 2017

A Telling Off

Last week I was told off by a radiologist.

That morning, I’d been asked to request an urgent CT scan. It was an unusual situation; there had been a misunderstanding at the first appointment and the scan needed to be done before a particular date.

The request would need discussing with a radiologist first which I hadn’t done before. However, I knew it would involve me having to convince him/her how it important it was. Usually, for any other scan, I could just send the request card down and they would get done so this, I wasn’t looking forward to.

After being sent around and around again, I finally found a radiologist. I had to wait though as she was in the middle of something, and whilst I waited another radiologist came and the telling off ensued. He must have ranted for a minute before he walked away.

I was so angry but also confused. I didn’t know what I had done wrong. From that interaction, I learned nothing apart from that I’d made a mistake. I didn’t know what the mistake was, I didn’t know how to rectify it and so I sat there, conflicted about what to do next.

I spoke to the nice radiologist (after she was done) and she explained it to me. Not in a scolding manner or in a condescending tone. She told me what the normal procedure was, what my mistake was and why I had to wait. And again, it took less than a minute but I understood.

So now, even though I was in the wrong, I can’t help but feel slightly resentful to the other radiologist for that interaction.  I imagine he was frustrated that I hadn’t followed the rules and it might have made him feel better to lay into me the way he did. But whatever point he had been trying to make wasn’t carried across to me. I could have walked out and made the same mistake another day.

It’s taught me what not to do. Hopefully, if I’m ever in a similar situation I won’t rush to unleash judgement.

Another run in with a different radiologist and I’m beginning to feel that they’re playing up to a stereotype.

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