Thursday, 29 December 2016

Second Placement

It’s a relief to escape the relentless hustle of the medical wards and leave behind the shackles of on call shifts. My new placement is unbanded, which in essence means no night shifts, no evening shifts and no weekends. What more could a doctor ask for?

So, I was looking forward to starting my new placement. But after a day, I felt the enthusiasm waning and just like I knew I would, in the hollow of my mind I was longing for my previous ward.

The team are friendly which is encouraging. At least it looks like I'll get along with them for the next four months. The consultants seem friendly and approachable. The registrars seem friendly and approachable, what more could I wish for.

We started our ward round at 8, had a coffee break in between and were finished by 9. It felt unnatural. Plus the consultant and the registrars were all on the ward which again I'm not used to. I’m used to going around on my own. 

I could go on about the differences but that sounds like the makings of another post.   

Anyway, I was given a jobs list and I was done by 10. Sweet, I think.

Half an hour later, I'm staring at a computer screen in the doctor's office. So what should I do now? I need to be doing something or else I'll be walking around with a blank expression on my face which makes me look lost.

I go over the list of jobs to make sure I've done everything. I have. I go over individual tasks to make sure I've done them properly. Yep. What should I do? I could go for a coffee, but I've already had some and frankly I actually don't need to be wide awake. It becomes quite clear that I've got nothing to do.

I finally turn to the one reliable source of entertainment; the internet. Though, I'm scarcely aware that I am at work and I should browse accordingly. So no Amazon then.

If this is a sign of what's to come for the next few months then I’ll need a plan. I don’t want to be sat around the next 13 weeks doing nothing because 1) I’ll get used to it and I'll struggle in my next placement and 2) it’s a waste of time. So I’ll get some audits done, take on some more responsibility etc. Any other ideas would be hugely appreciated.

Trust me when I say, I'm not someone that needs to do things all the time. At home I’m not that person. But being so used to the pace of the medical wards it feels weird to have to work at a slower rate.

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