Thursday, 24 November 2016

I am acutely aware of how much I whine.

Obviously, becoming a doctor was a shock to the system. It wasn't exactly how I imagined it and that's probably everyone's experience when they start their first job as an FY1.

I'm just aware that I might be coming across as a spoilt child or something. I do want to have a balanced life, I want to do less secretary work, I want to be more supported. And I know on the surface this is probably what a lot of my colleagues want. But I also know these are things all of us are dealing with, not just me.

I knew it would be stressful, I knew it would mean certain sacrifices. I wonder whether I am over vocalising and I maybe need to reel it in a little bit. Or at least take steps to actually do something about it.

Something to ponder.

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