Thursday, 1 September 2016

What I've Noticed So Far

I've only been a doctor for a few weeks and here are a few things I've noticed in the entirety of my experience so far.

People expect you to have a super memory. Take the consultant, they'll give you a list of jobs that they want you to do for patient X, Y, Z. I'm expected to remember everything they've said and then do it. I can't even remember past the first two things. Now, I make sure I've got paper on me at all times or at least a pen and then I can write on the back of my hands.

You have to persuade people to do their job. No one wants more work so if possible, people will try and fob you off to another department and it becomes one massive merry go round.

I find speaking to consultants on the phone uncomfortable. They'll ask all these questions and I feel very stupid saying 'I don't know, let me check'. Surgeons are worse, they'll cut you off like an axe, very abrupt.

Same with relatives. It's ok if they just need a bit of reassurance, but if they start asking super detailed questions about the condition then I start to feel a bit out of my depth.

Nurses love to have a chat. To you, to other nurses, to everyone. Sometimes I'll have the phone pressed to my ear about to make a phone call and a nurse will come over and I know they're just being friendly, so I can't be rude and shut them down immediately.

Everyone needs your attention right away; the pharmacist needs to check the prescription, the nurses needs you to put a cannula in, the ward clerk needs you to do a discharge summary and the ward round is still not finished. And nothing can wait, it all has to be done now.

...sometimes it gets to a point where I just want to go to a cupboard and hide and hope no one finds me.

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