Thursday, 4 August 2016

First Day At Work

So, I've started my mandatory shadowing* (which is basically the few days of overlap between me and the current doctor whose job I'll be taking over). The first day was a bit of a whirl wind. We were bombarded with sheets upon sheets of papers and documents. Then there were multiple envelopes with our individual  usernames and passwords for the different programs and software that we would be using. It was overwhelming.

Then after a short talk and a quick tour around the hospital, we went onto our prospective wards to meet the F1** we would be shadowing. This shadowing is supposed to help get us orientated to the ward and to get us familiar with the jobs and tasks that are expected of us.

The current doctors on the ward were really friendly, which makes me sad in a way because everyone apart from the consultants are going to be moving on in a few days. The way the training program is run in the UK, doctors pretty much rotate jobs at similar times. Not only will the F1 be changing but so will the F2s*** and the other trainees as well. So in a few days I'll be meeting my new team.

All the other F1s seem really friendly as well which is another relief. I know quite a few people from my medical school and then there's a good few new faces as well. A lot of new names to remember. But it's good to know that we're all in the same boat. The old F1s seem really nice and helpful but also really confident as well. I'm hoping that will be me in a year's time.

Talking to the current F1, it does seem like much of my day to day job will be admin. Filling out lots of request forms and chasing blood results. Technically, not difficult things but not spine-tingling exciting things either. I will have more responsibility when I'm on call on evenings and nights. Speaking of which, my rota is not that bad. I've heard some of the other F1s in the surrounding hospitals have it worse so that's a positive.

There was a moment when I was driving back on the motorway and it started  kicking in what a massive change this is going to be and a part  of me is thinking 'what have I done'. Hopefully I'll quickly get into the swing of things.

* Explanation: I've started my foundation training which is the two year training programme that is taken after medical school, consisting of 6 four monthly rotations through different specialities
** Foundation year 1. First year of foundation training
*** Second year of foundation training

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