Monday, 20 June 2016

What I Learnt From Travelling

I learnt that it isn't easy or smooth. It's not even fun all the time but even the bad parts are all part of the experience. That was my favourite line when anything went pear shaped: it's an experience. That was my mantra, meaning: bad things happen, learn from it then move on. This kept me going.
  1. Living in big groups is not the best idea (unless you're all really close friends). The larger the group, the more likely there are to be arguments, which is never fun
  2. Following on from that, travelling in a big group is not easy either. You end up compromising more than you would do in smaller groups. Bear that in mind
  3. Get phones and sim card ASAP. Whether it's for ordering late night pizza or when you lose someone in a massive mall. Either way it's really annoying
  4. Social media is a lie. There were times we were absolutely miserable but you could never tell from a snapchat story.
  5. Take plasters with you. Getting ill or bitten or blisters are not fun. But having something on hand with you makes things a lot better. It's not always plausible to just run out and get some especially if you're not sure where to get it 
  6. Have a checklist of things you want to do before you get on the plane. It's good to have a rough idea and it's easier to check these things at home on your laptop/computer especially when you're leaving those things behind. Booking tickets on a mobile phone is not easy or fun
  7. Mosquito repellent should go on every day not after you've been bitten already
  8. You find out more about people when you travel. This may not seem like a positive, but in the long run I think it's a good thing   
  9. Everything passes, even the bad times
  10. No one wins an argument. You really don’t. Even if you know you're right, you'll both leave feeling frustrated and angry because your point wasn't taken.  I think we've all had those moments where we are one part of the argument and we actually don't strongly believe what we're saying, it's really about being challenged. Someone's prodding your ego and it becomes a question of standing up for yourself
  11. Don't start an argument when you're angry. I've seen it unfurl in slow motion. Both parties are angry, each trying to get the other to listen. Nobodies listening because everyone's emotional. You can't get your point across properly and succinctly if you're angry. You can't tell someone what the issues are if you keep raising your voice, to try your force your point across. You're angry and so you don't want to listen, you want to be heard
  12. Talk through the issues you're having calmly and even the bleakest situations can get sorted out. Just be willing to listen
  13. Don't be afraid to go alone especially if you don't want to be dragged somewhere else. (Be safe)
  14.  Try to eat regularly, it's easy to miss meals when you're away. Having snacks is handy as well. There were  times where a tucked away cereal bar and a bottle of water saved the day.
  15. Shop/ stall owners may try to deceive/rob you especially if they know you're a tourist. Be firm and haggle where you can


  1. This is such a great and helpful list, I don't travel that much but I'll be sure to look at this list when I go!

    1. Thanks for dropping me a comment. Let me know where you go!

  2. this was a cool post, I like travelling but I prefer smaller groups or similar as i can't deal with larger groups. Another point ill add photocopying important documents.

    1. Yep from now on it'll be small groups all the way! That's a good point about photocopying documents.
      Thank you!