Thursday, 23 June 2016

What I Learnt About Myself Whilst Travelling

Travelling teaches you a lot about yourself and I learnt a lot in that short period of time. In the same breath you learn a lot about your friends as well. It's the combination of being thousands of miles away from home, tired, hungry and way outside of your comfort zone. I've written a piece about what I learnt from travelling here. Here's a list of things I learnt about myself:

  1. I like to play it safe with everything. I like to weigh up the pros and cons and go back and forth in my mind about the best way forward. Which sounds reasonable but becomes annoying if I can't come to an actual conclusion 
  2. I can't make decisions. I'm the person who's in a supermarket aisle wondering whether I should purchase that chocolate bar even though I know I shouldn’t, but I haven't had it for a while, but it's bad for my teeth, but I'm hungry
  3. I'm pretty sensible with money, maybe too sensible.
  4. I don't like buying souvenirs because I don't like clutter.
  5. I have a high annoyance threshold. I'm quite proud of this.
  6. I can hold my tongue when I'm angry. Again I feel these are worthy skills to have so that you don't completely lose your rag at your friends every time something happens
  7. I'm an optimist
  8. Travelling can bring you closer to some people and further away from others.
  9. I like being by myself. This surprised me because usually I always want to be out and about and going for meals and such. Now that I was sharing a bed and had people around me 24/7, I just wanted to be alone. Just for 5 minutes of silence. It was nearly impossible.
  10. I can admit blame, others not so much. I know when I've done wrong. And I can say so. 
  11. I internalise a lot of my emotions. I'm the silent angry type. I don't want to say anything I'll regret later on
  12. I realised that I sometimes let people make decisions for me and I need to work on taking back control and being honest and brave enough to make a decision and follow it through. If I make a mistake, I'm going to be happier knowing that I made it and hopefully learn from it. Instead of allowing other people to decide for me, then wallowing in the consequences if it's not what I expected.
  13. Travelling for 8 weeks is a long time
  14. I don't appreciate my city enough and I should explore more of what it has to offer.


  1. This post is so inspiring!
    I'm similar to you when it comes to others making decisions for me. I prefer others doing it because of a combination of a lack of confidence and being indecisive. It's something I will have to work on. Ahh love your blog so glad I found it. I am currently studying my A-Levels and wish to apply as a medical student this year. I have learnt many things from this blog.

    1. Thank you so much! Those are the exact same reasons I have but at least now we know what we need to work on. I'm really happy it's been helpful to you and good luck applying!!