Monday, 13 June 2016

My Medical Elective: What I Got Up To

Had an amazing opportunity to travel to a few different places on my elective... Here's a quick run-through

(Brief description: A medical elective is an opportunity to spend an allocated amount of time attached to another hospital of your choosing. This can be in a different city or country anywhere in the world as long as the medical school approves.)

1. Bird Park
Went to the bird park and the butterfly park straight after. The bird park is exactly what I expected, plenty of birds. Different colours and shapes and sizes. What I didn't expect was seeing some of the birds roaming around freely like the peacocks. It was just strutting around casually as we all made care to avoid being in its way. Halfway through we took a picture with birds perched on us. That was both hilarious and frightening at the same time.

2. Genting Highlands and Petronas Towers 
We took a cable car up to the Genting Highlands. The journey was a mix of  us gazing in awe as we took pictures and screaming every time the cable car jolted and rocked. It was mostly calming especially if you avoided looking straight down into the leafy abyss below.

Petronas towers at night is a nice view. If you get any close you have to dodge between people's selfie sticks and outstretched arms to get a decent picture. We went through the towers (walked through a mall) and went out to the fountains. We sat outside and enjoyed  a nice meal whilst the fountains put on a show.

3. Beaches
I visited quite a few beaches. I learnt the hard way that you don't go to the beach at midday when the sun is at its peak and its hottest. Late afternoon,evening is the best time for lounging around and also seeing the sunset as well. In order we have Phi Phi, Phuket, Penang and Langkawi  

4. Langkawi 
Had a really authentic island feel and was probably my favourite beach that we visited. I got to go para-sailing for the first time which was scary but quite calming once you get to a good height. I wish I could have taken my camera with me and taken pictures from the top

5. Penang
Not my favourite place that we went to but I guess if you stay in the not so nice areas you get a not so nice view of the place. We saw some amazing views and some cheeky monkeys.

6. Singapore
I really enjoyed Singapore. It's super compact but so neat and organised, you don't even notice. It was easy to get around which was good because we had to squeeze it all into 48 hours. I think Singapore has to have the most well designed malls. I might not be able to afford any of it, but I can admire from afar. We walked past mall after mall which I thought it didn't make sense having so many in the same area. 

We also went to Sentosa Island and spent the day in the Universal Studios. If I ever went again I would get the express passes. Waiting in the heat to go on a ride is not fun and it wastes time. By the time we had gone on a few rides we were hot, tired and hangry. It was a good round off for that part of the trip

Where was the last place you visited and where you like to go next? I'm happy that I've explored a bit of Asia now but it's so far away. I think I want something a bit closer to home next time.

Part 2 will be coming through soon... (Thursday)

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