Thursday, 16 June 2016

My Medical Elective: What I Got Up To 2

Brief description: A medical elective is an opportunity to spend an allocated amount of time attached to another hospital of your choosing. This can be in a different city or country anywhere in the world as long as it's approved by the medical school.

7. Burj al arab and afternoon tea
I needed a lot of convincing to do this because it was so expensive. I'm glad I did because if I hadn't, the other girls would have gone and left me and I never would have heard the end of it. I can't say the afternoon tea was worth the money but I enjoyed the experience and the staff were so sweet.We had a good view of the sun setting and also spied the Atlantis in the distance as well.

8. Sheikh Zayed Mosque
Pristine white architecture and loads of 'do not sit' signs

9. Magic garden
The moment you walk through the gates the vibrant colours, the cute insect sculptures catch you off guard and you're instantly mesmerised. But I got bored after a while. It wasn't expensive and so I don't regret going. However, I could have easily missed it out.

10. Burj Khalifah
The tallest building in the world. We travelled up to the 124th floor and could see quite far round Dubai. The major problem is finding space to take decent pictures. You find other people's elbows, knees, hair somewhere in your photo. So that's annoying. If you have your photo taken with the green screen the prices for the photos are extortionate. More than the price of the actual entrance ticket

11. Desert Safari

We had the dune bashing experience. It was a lot of fun and a lot of danger. I would not recommend not eating a few hours before. It really is a roller-coaster of a ride that goes on for a while. We had a camel ride. I use the term 'ride' very liberally. It lasted less than a few minutes, but it was great.

12. Emirates Airbus A380

My first time on Emirates. On the way home I was able to get on the upper deck, which is pretty similar to the lower deck. Does anyone know if you can travel from one floor to the other during the flight? 

And that's pretty much a round up of my 8 weeks away. Thanks for reading.
PS Let me know which part of the trip you enjoyed the most: Part 1 (KL) or Dubai

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