Friday, 3 June 2016

8 Weeks Away

So, I did it. I went away for 8 weeks and survived. Now that I've been back for a few days, it actually doesn't feel like I've been away for that long. 8 weeks is a long time away for me and for the most part it was fun. Like with everything in life though, there were good times and bad times. It was a two part journey: one part Asia, one part UAE. I spent 4 weeks attached to one hospital in KL and the other in Dubai.

It started off with 8 girls. That was the first mistake. A, too many people under one roof and B, 8 people who didn't all know each other very well. We were more acquaintances. One week through, we were already at each other's throats. Think hunger games, with less killing and more eye rolling. It was a list of things: difference of opinions on where to go, how to get there, passive aggressive Facebook statuses, not being invited to places, someone leaving a towel on someone else's bed. It was a circus. A mess.

All these things were slowly building up and I knew I was not the only one that felt it. It was a ticking bomb and it would be only a matter of time before something happened. Then it did. I can still hear the screaming now. 

Halfway through the four weeks we booked are tickets to explore different parts of Asia. By this time we were all friend-ly. Maybe cordial. We were all cordial. We had a house meeting and everyone got to say what they were feeling. There were tears, there was anger. Then we all hugged it out.

Did I mention it was a bad idea to travel with 8 girls. Never again.

But those were the bad parts. We had an amazing time and got to see beautiful places. We visited the  tourist attractions and met some really nice tourists and locals along the way. We stayed at so many  different hotels and apartments, browsed through so many stylish malls and laid down on a lot of beaches.

The whole experience  took me outside my comfort zone, but in the end, I'm happy I went through it all.  Travelling helped me to appreciate what I've got back at home and helped me realise that the world is bigger, crazier and more incredible than whatever I could have imagined. I learnt so much and it makes me more excited to travel again. I'll write up what I learnt in the next couple of posts.

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