Thursday, 17 September 2015

Week on ICU

Not really a week, considering Monday was a bank holiday and Friday was all lectures. By the end of that week, I felt tired and slightly unwell. It was a demanding week in terms of our timetable. Some days would be 8 o'clock starts, others would be an 8 o'clock finish. It would switch randomly from one to the other, so I might finish at 8 pm one night only to start the next day at 8 am. It was quite hard to adjust to. And at the end of it, I was dehydrated, tired and grumpy. Basic things like eating became a challenge, particularly after a shift ended and the idea of making a late dinner at 9 pm seemed inconceivable.

Most of the patients were really unwell and were sedated. We couldn't talk to them, we couldn't do any procedures and so there was a limit to the things we could actually do.  We probably spent most of our time huddled around a computer reading up notes and following doctors round the wards.

I don't see myself heading towards this route of medicine. I find the quiet dimly lit wards a bit eerie. 

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