Friday, 4 September 2015


I'm back from my holiday. That will probably be the last one for another 5 years. Travelling with family is not easy. I currently live at home and I know we have our fair share of arguments. Take away any space or privacy by staying in a small compact hotel room for 6 days and watch what happens. Arguments upon arguments. It's hard for all of us to agree on what type of restaurant to eat at or where to go or how far to travel etc because we're all different. We want our opinions to be heard because it makes sense to us. Every decision has several viewpoints, and a long arduous struggle to its conclusion.

I had a nice time but it's good to be back.

This may sound incredulous but after a 14 hour journey, I went straight onto my first day of my final year. Crazy? Stupid? Reckless? Probably all three.  But because I started much sooner than everyone else and returning on a Monday was the cheapest option, I found myself rushing from airport to hospital, managing to be on time (give or take 10 minutes). I shall not be doing that again. And no one was harmed by my presence, it was mainly an introductory day. But by the afternoon I was sleeping on my feet, I was that tired. Since my supervisor was absent, I made a speedy exit to the loving embrace of my bed.

As I write this from the safety of my room, I am so glad to be home.


Guess where?

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