Friday, 14 August 2015

Fifth Year: Fast Approaching

Less than 2 weeks to the beginning of fifth year and I don’t understand how I got here so quickly. This will be the year that I graduate, hopefully.

All my training and everything I've learnt needs to come back to me, because I'm pretty sure I've forgotten all of it. This year will be hugely different to all the years before it, so I'm aware I'll have to make a few changes. I have to take up more opportunities, rather than shying away into the background especially on days where 'I can't be bothered'. Those tactics might have worked for third year but they will be unforgiving in final year. I need to pretend to be a junior doctor. I'll have on calls, carry bleeps, attend ward rounds. All those things that seemed optional before will be necessary now. Especially, if I want to do well in my exams.

More importantly, I know this year that I will also have to make time for myself. I know that putting my all into medicine actually doesn't work out too well. My grades aren't spectacular and honestly neither is my learning. It really just means I'm not using my time efficiently and putting extra pressure on myself with lukewarm results. I know I have to manage my time a bit more, fourth year taught me that. The medical school harps on about work-life balance but I've always thought of it as some unrealistic saying they shower us with but don't really expect us to achieve. I think now though, I'll try a bit harder to get at least some semblance of a social life.

I'm in the process of sorting out my elective as well. I really want to spend it in two different locations. Mainly because I think, I might start to get bored in one place and because I want to use the opportunity to visit another country. I'm pretty sure about where I'll be spending the first half, any recommendations for the second?


  1. I've learnt so much from your blog!
    I can imagine how tough it is as a medical student, It would be so amazing if you could do a post on your struggles as a medical student and how you motivated yourself to get to where you are now.
    Also I am going to be applying as a medical student this year and it would be so helpful if you could talk about your experience, your tips, interview process and the work experience you had.
    You are such an inspiration. Keep up the good work :)

    1. Wow, thanks so much! And your suggestions are really helpful as well, you've given me a few ideas for some upcoming posts. I wish you every bit of luck with applying.