Friday, 24 July 2015


Today I had to give a presentation. I don't like presenting and I avoid it when I get the chance. I'd rehearsed it a few times so I knew what I was doing. It's strange  how uncomfortable it is to stand up front and just talk, even in front of one other person. Even if it's a friend. There are more ums and erms and you feel awkward with so much attention just on you.

When I was up there, time went by very quickly. If you can imagine being in a cartoon time machine and everything else is rushing past you. I had to physically slow the pace down so I didn’t finish before I should have. Practising helped. I think I must have zoned out a bit and went into pilot mode whilst my subconscious did the rest of the work.

I finished in good time. Then came the questions. The bit I was dreading the most. This would require me to think on the spot and articulate my thoughts into actual sentences. Not my strong point. I managed to do it and keep my shaking fingers under control.

A couple hours later and I feel lighter. I was scared of presenting but I feel better for it.
It's weird how we let our feelings get in the way of growing and improving and actually, I believe you do feel better coming out from the other side.

Anyone else feel the same?

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