Sunday, 19 July 2015

Fourth Year

I cannot wait for this year to be over. This academic year, that is. The actual year has gone by really quickly. Yes, I can understand the irony. But really, this year has been emotionally and physically draining.

I've had to travel more than ever to get to my placements. It's the luck of the draw: you could be placed really close to the city centre or a couple towns away. One consolation is that we're offered accommodation. That's pretty much where the kindness ends.  The flats in my first placement were actually alright. For the second placement I decided to commute as it was closer and I'm glad I did. The stories of scalding hot showers and room allocation blunders made the traffic crawl somehow worth it.

The modules were harder this year. We were given a  few weeks to cover the whole of neurology. It was a hard 4 weeks, a lot of the beginning was playing catch up but by the end, I felt accomplished and capable, like I conquered the hardest part of medicine. Then paediatrics came along and shattered that pretty quickly.  All the systems that you learnt for adults, had to be forgotten and then learnt again for "little people". Paediatrics wasn't easy, there was a lot of cajoling, convincing and kneeling and smiling. I liked it, but everything you did required a whole lot of effort and persuasion.

Obs & gynae was ok, I think I can safely say that it isn't for me though. I've been to theatre before and I don't get queasy easily. How-ever. Once you have seen an obstetrician literally rip a woman's abdomen apart, there's no going back from that. I'm not sure if it's better or worse than a baby tearing its way through a vagina. That brings me to labour. I don't even know how to begin to describe it. I sat through a couple and I probably won't ever forget it. Please note that all the following words I'm using to describe labour does not even scratch the surface. Not only is it a hard, painful, torturous process, it's a long one. For some women it can be days long. That blows my mind, the amount women can endure. But I know it's worth it for them in the end. Now I know what I put my mother through.

Psychiatry scared me. I had this one incident where I was actually scared and hid in a room, but that's for another time. Obviously, I had my own preconceptions before the placement, and actually, it was different from what I thought it would be like. Some of the inpatients turned out to be really nice and friendly. Some.

There have also been a lot of deadlines to meet and juggle and there's been some important decisions to make. For the first time, we actually have some input as to what type of placements we'll be given next year. I used the word some, because it's a situation where you're forced to choose some unsavoury options and then given some leeway to choose the rest, with the constant threat of "it's possible you might not get it". All in all, I'm pleased with my placements.

It has been a hectic year. I'm glad it's drawing to a close and thankfully I passed my exams.

I still have to plan my elective though.Will it never end?

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