Monday, 8 June 2015

Difficult Doctors

Sometimes, people can make you feel stupid and slightly insecure, particularly those above you. I remember on one occasion where I was sitting in with a GP and I left his office feeling those exact emotions. It made me angry: firstly, because it was rude and second because a little bit of me knew he may have been right. I could have been better. I don't excuse his manner though, he could have executed the situation differently.
Everyone has their own way of dealing with setbacks and these are my recommendations
  • Do not laugh at any preceding joke he/she may make. Instead, smile respectfully showing you've understood the joke but you are refraining from acknowledging its humour
  • Show that their rebuke has not fazed you but don't brazenly cross the line into arrogance, just save the crying/ wall-punching for later.
  • Be more confident and better the next time. Sometimes, we may know the answer but we let ourselves down by being doubtful and unsure. Learn the subject better and if you so happen to meet the same person again, you've shown that you've learnt from your mistakes.

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